Acquire a VolMeur

Visitors at the first VolMeur exhibition at CERN

All the 2018 VolMeur images arise from the discovery of degraded slides at CERN which have acquired their own artistic appeal through the growth of mould over the images. A number of these have been digitally captured and stored under CERN copyright.

CERN Digital Memory project has decided to create a small collection of prints of these images, printed professionally on  presentation-grade materials, which could form the basis of a CERN exhibition resource. To this end, CERN has partenerd with Galleries to arrange the sale of a limited run of prints from the CERN VolMeur Collection, to members of the CERN community and others, the revenue from which will be used to purchase further prints of other images from the collection available to exhibit, or to run special event to raise awareness of the preservation issues in general.

CERN has therefore granted right to have printed and to sell to pre-ordering purchasers no more than 30 copies of each of the high-resolution formats of the selected images. The cost is approximately double that of the ordering cost of each individual print.

As of first April 2018, you can acquire:

  • prints on Aluminium sized 40x60cm
  • prints on Aluminium sized 60x90cm

If you would like to order an image or get more details, please feel free to contact us.

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Prints are sold on a first come, first served basis. The printing is done on Chromaluxe©aluminium sheets, using a process known Print @ Images de Marque as Subligraphie©which uses a special press at 8 bars. It reaches a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius to melt the printing inks into the metal. The result is a long-lasting, lightweight, fireproof, waterproof, scratch-proof and UV-resistant print. No mould will attack these! 

The print is garanteed for 200 years and gives to the VolMeur's artwork an unequalled longevity - wherever it will be stored. The evolution of the degradation is fixed forever !
Each print comes with the receipt engraved in the verso of the aluminium plate.

When buying a VolMeur art work, you explicitly agree with the terms and conditions of the below Non-Exclusive License Agreement.

CERN grants a non-exclusive license to reproduce the image/s listed above in a physical format for display, or for digital storage purposes, provided that the use complies with these terms and conditions:
- The use and display of the image/s is for non-commercial, private display purposes only
- The image/s is not used in a new piece of artwork or any kind of publication whether physically printed, communicated digitally or constituting part of a film or broadcast
- The image/s is not used in such a way as to imply the artist’s endorsement or support for any cause or event
- The image/s is not published for sale on the internet or any intranet
- Copies of the image/s is not distributed to any third parties
- Third party licensing rights are not granted in this agreement

VolMeur Images remains under the CERN copyright. If needed, the credit/copyright text to be used is “VolMeur©2017 CERN”.